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If you’re a laid back, family oriented, small business owner ready to partner with a professional bookkeeper to help you get organized and caught up on your finances to eliminate the tax-time headache, we may be a perfect fit.

Kat Parades, Owner of Prosperity Bookkeeping Solutions

Hi, I'm Kate!

I am a master troubleshooter and problem solver and strive for clients that I like as people to keep their books PERFECT.

In a previous life, my job was troubleshooting electrical systems on aircraft. My whole job description could be summed up as “Find the problem. Fix problem correctly the first time.”

I will use this same level of detail, knowledge, and experience to clean up and organize your financial records using a professional bookkeeping/accounting software to help set your business up for success perfectly the first time.

If you know your bookkeeping is a mess because it is filled with mistakes due to lack of time, knowledge, or systems, why not work with a problem solving expert?

How i can help you

Current Bookkeeping System Cleanup

This is my bread and butter! I will dive deep into your books and fix every mistake in them. Investment: My typical clean ups fall between $4100 and $1800 per year.

Initial Bookkeeping System Setup

Got everything in a spreadsheet (or not even that organized)? No problem! I will set you up in QuickBooks Online or Xero and get you going! Investment starting at $400.

QuickBooks Online & Xero Consulting

Do you have a question about work flows? Do you need some guidance with your own troubleshooting? I am happy to screen share with you and give you some pointers. Investment: $75 per hour.

Ongoing Bookkeeping Services and Support

If you are happy with your clean set of books (and we like each other as people) then we can work together monthly to keep your books perfect going forward. Investment: Custom and determined after completion of initial service.


“We have been working with Kate for many years to help keep our Xero books in order… Kate stands out by providing phenomenal hands-on customer service.”

Frequently asked questions

For a 1 year books clean up you can expect:

  • Complete diagnostic review of your books and everything down to a penny of what needs to be fixed
  • Weekly updates on my progress
  • Review/comparison of most recent tax return for books accuracy
  • Detailed troubleshooting and correction of all asset, liability and equity accounts
  • Reconciliation of all asset, and liability accounts that have any kind of statements
  • Detailed troubleshooting and correction of all your expense and income accounts
  • Adjusting entries for anything outside of the fiscal year I am cleaning
  • Clean up of software specific tools for both Xero and QuickBooks (example “products & services”, “classes” ect.)
  • Clean up of payroll accounts

If you are tired of cheap bookkeepers, laid back but professional, don’t mind Saturday morning phone calls or texts, are interested in having a partner and teacher rather than just any old contractor, and can take a small child yelling about their bathroom activities during a zoom call then we might be a great fit!

If you are all of the above AND want clean and detailed books, you use (or want to use) QuickBooks Online or Xero and you want your books to be an asset and tool for your business instead of a headache then we might be a fantastic fit.

If you are ready to pay for value and perfection instead of 15 dollars an hour then we are a true fit.

I will not be the cheapest bookkeeping option, but I may just be the best option for you, your lifestyle, and your business.

If you are DIYing your books I can guarantee you need a clean-up. Why? Because you’re a pro at photography, construction, plumbing, or being an Executive Director at a non-profit. Chances are you are not also a pro at accounting or the intricate software workflows of Quick Books. If I build my deck, chances are I am going to do it wrong and I don’t have the right tools. If your business is construction you would have to come to clean up my mess when the stairs started collapsing. Same thing.

If I am cleaning up your books you will receive a VERY detailed checklist of all the things I will need from you. Some of these items include but are not limited to:

  • Bank statements for all bank accounts, credit cards, loans, mortgages, PayPal, Venmo anything that tracks where the money goes in your business
  • Most recent tax return
  • Accountant access to your Xero or QuickBooks Online
  • Contact info for your accountant/tax preparer and any other professional you work with who can answer my questions as efficiently as possible
  • Any other documentation I decide is necessary to make your books 100% correct

No. I guarantee perfection and efficiency in QuickBooks Online and Xero. I can not guarantee this on desktop due to a lack of experience with the desktop platform. I do not waste my clients’ hard-earned cash on my learning curve.

Generally speaking, it takes about 1 month for every year of clean-up if all my requests for information are met on time.

No. I do not teach business owners to do what I spent 3 years and over a hundred hours learning to do.

This can not be covered in a 3-hour zoom call. I offer consultation to discuss with you what your issues might be at my hourly rate.

I work with clients from all types of industries!

Some include agriculture, real estate, photography, service industries(think plumbing and electricians) as well as Non for Profits.

The general answer to this is no with a few exceptions. I
have found this to not be worth my clients time and investment. However this can be discussed
after the initial project is complete.

Email. I stay off the phone as much as possible for 3 reasons:1. I have 4 boys and I homeschool them. I am not able to take unscheduled “quick” calls.
2. It is far more efficient to have communication done in writing.
3. It is a protection to you as my client and me as your bookkeeper to have a paper trail.
There are regular video calls included in my service packages and I do not schedule calls
outside of this unless absolutely necessary.

Disclaimer: Pricing is estimated only. The cost of your project will be given after a consultation and put into our contract to be signed once we decide to work together. I reserve the right to adjust the price of your services if the scope of work changes from what is outlined in the original contract.

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Kate is an amazing person to work with! She took our books on our real estate business from a total disaster to extremely clean and streamlined!

Here's How to get started

Step 1. Schedule a consultation

Step 2. tell me about your business

Step 3. release your bookkeeping burden

"Kate has been a delight to work with, originally hired to clean up our books in advance of a 990 filing. She has since become an entrusted part of our Finance Team."
"If you need a great, professional, non-replaceable asset to your team, then stop searching. Kate is your gal! Thanks Kate for all your help!"
"We came to Kate with books that were a complete mess...She did incredible things to clean up the mess that we created...The stress relief has been invaluable!"
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As a work from home mom of 4, there are always kids in the background of my phone calls and I will be in shorts and a t-shirt during zoom calls. I am a laid back professional with a very firm work and life boundary.

To keep my lifestyle I work on your books between 4am-7am and 8pm-midnight (CDT).

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